28 Feb 2019

Bedford pins his place at Wesleyan as new coach

Texas Wesleyan’s new men’s and women’s wrestling teams finally have a leader in place. Ray Bedford was selected to coach the men’s and women’s teams, which are expected to start competing in the NAIA Sooner Athletic Conference in the fall. Athletic Director Ricky Dotson said Bedford was the best candidate

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18 Jan 2019

Wrestling coach to be hired this week

Texas Wesleyan’s Athletic Department is set to hire a new coach for the men and women’s wrestling team this week, Athletic Director Ricky Dotson said Tuesday. “We hope to make a decision by the end of the week and of course they will have to go through background checks and

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30 Nov 2018

Wesleyan moving forward with men’s and women’s wrestling

Texas Wesleyan plans to move forward quickly in adding men’s and women’s wrestling. Athletic Director Ricky Dotson said the plan is to have a coach by Jan. 1, 2019, start recruiting immediately after that, and start competing in the fall. Wesleyan announced that the university would add the teams in

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13 Nov 2018

Trachier transitions into full-time coach

This isn’t women’s basketball head coach Steve Trachier’s first time around the block.    After dividing his time last season between being Texas Wesleyan’s athletic director and head coach, Trachier begins the 2018-2019 season just doing the latter.    “It’s the difference between having two full time jobs and one,” Trachier says. “It allows me to spend time working

27 Sep 2018

Dotson selected as new athletic director

As a kid, all Ricky Dotson only ever dreamed of being was be a basketball coach. Dotson remembers going to practices with his dad, Dale Dotson, who was an assistant coach at the University of Texas. Dotson said he used to hang out at the gym and around the offices