15 Oct 2017

Rams lose homecoming game to Bacone College

­­ ­­While the Rams lost their homecoming game to Bacone College 33-18 on Saturday at Farrington Field, head coach Joe Prud’homme still had good things to say about his team’s performance. “We didn’t play smart but we played hard,” Prud’homme said shortly after the loss. “It’s a step in the

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11 Oct 2017

Rams gear up for homecoming game against Bacone College

Head football coach Joe Prud’homme says the Rams have one priority heading into Saturday’s homecoming game against Bacone College. They need to finish what they start. “The main priority is to finish plays, drives, quarters, halves and games. We need to play well in all three phases in the same

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10 Oct 2017

Thiebaud teaches through research

Many people take the same route to being college professors: they go to school, get a doctorate, and get a job.Dr. Robert Thiebaud didn’t. The Texas Wesleyan assistant professor of exercise science was going to be a computer science major just because he liked it, but switched to exercise science

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10 Oct 2017

Ram Rally excites basketball fans

Texas Wesleyan students gathered at Sid Richardson Center to celebrate Ram Rally. Formerly known as a Midnight Madness, Ram Rally was hosted by sophomore criminal justice major Elijah Meyer from 9 p.m. to midnight on Monday. The event gave students a look at how the men’s and women’s basketball teams

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08 Oct 2017

Rams lose to Texas College

Texas Wesleyan fell 21-11 to Texas College on Saturday in Tyler.   The Rams (0-6) needed to take control of the opportunities they were given early on in the game, head coach Joe Prud’homme said.    “If we had taken advantage of field position early on we could have taken

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