21 Oct 2016

Wesleyan writers assemble for Inaugural Local Authors Day

Sophomore marketing major Finn Le was startled to see an email inviting her to the Inaugural Local Authors Day.  “At first I thought my book would only be on the shelf,” Le said. Le wasn’t expecting to actually speak on a panel with other authors. She joined 15 other authors

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15 Aug 2016

West Library staff mourns death of colleague

The sound of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” filled the mall outside Eunice and James L. West Library on Monday as students participating in Ram Camp played games, danced and cheered. But inside the library was a vastly different atmosphere as staff members mourned the loss of colleague Martha “Kate” Wiant.

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15 Apr 2015

Library hosts new event

Texas Wesleyan is hosting its first Are You Smarter than a Librarian? event on Saturday. Held in partnership with the Fort Worth Library, the event features students testing their knowledge against Wesleyan librarians via ten trivia questions. The event starts at 2 p.m. in the West Library orientation room. “Kaeli

17 Mar 2015

Sims receives recognition for tutoring from national organization

In only her second semester working at the Academic Success Center, Kime Sims has received recognition from the National College Learning Center Association. Sims, an English major, said she was extremely surprised.   “When someone compliments me on my work and not just on me I accept hat more readily,”

26 Mar 2014

Texas Wesleyan’s landscape improvements good or bad

There have been a lot of new landscaping improvements on Texas Wesleyan’s campus recently. It seems as though the newest improvements have gained a liking with the Texas Wesleyan body. There have been new trees, bushes, rose beds and benches put into place across campus; but mainly many new trees