21 Dec 2017

Right Person, Wrong Time

A short fiction about love, life and death.

13 Dec 2017

P!nk’s “What About Us” video focuses on big themes

As a long time P!nk fan, “What About Us” really struck a chord with me. Initially, on the surface, this song may sound like your typical relationship song with lyrics like “what about love/trust/us?” However, when you watch the music video and listen more closely, the true message is revealed. I loved

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02 Nov 2017

Do you know the haunted history of Wesleyan?

Students don’t have to go to a haunted house to get spooked. With the numerous buildings that are supposedly haunted on campus, students might find themselves in the presence of a ghost studying in the library or attending a play at the Thad Smotherman Theatre. Dean of Freshman Joe “Pro

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