09 Mar 2018

Wesleyan paints a new partnership with Evergreen Life Services

Texas Wesleyan partnered with Evergreen Life Services as part of the university’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan on March 1 to celebrate intellectual disability awareness with an informational art gallery during free period. The attendees of Evergreen Life Services brought their artwork to be put on display as well as

19 Feb 2018

‘Black Panther’ puts its claws into the box office

Whether you are a Marvel fan or not, you can`t go on any social media platform right now without seeing references to “Black Panther,” which opened this past weekend as the top film in the country. Many people went to the film dressed up as characters from the film or

30 Jan 2018

Collaborative dialog on display in art gallery

Mitchell-Reed Community of Learners hosted an artist talk called fluid dialog with the two artists with work currently in the Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Gallery Tuesday. The two artists, Liz Trosper and Thomas Motley, have been in a collaborative dialog since 2013, Motley said. The exhibition features colorful paintings, drawings

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