13 May 2015

Curtin’s artwork recalls Irish heritage

Dr. Ellen “Aileen” Curtin’s first art exhibition was a long time coming. As in most of her life. In April, Curtin, a professor of education, held an exhibition, Memories and Moments in Time, at the C. E. Hyde Gallery in the Law Sone Fine Arts Center. The 89 paintings showed

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17 Aug 2014

It’s move-in day!

The new semester brings a new look and feel to Wesleyan’s historic campus. Improvements began to take shape in the spring. And continued throughout the summer.

31 Jul 2014

Subway is now open

The Subway on Rosedale street is now reopen, just in time for the Fall 2014 semester. This is really good news, since Dora’s will be unavailable to the students when the semester begins            

21 Jul 2014

Texas, stand pat!

Now in usual times, teams with similar positions as the Rangers go on an all-out “fire-sale.” But this isn’t a “usual” time for the Rangers…do us all a favor and wait. Don’t trade.

11 Feb 2014

Students discuss love and relationships for Valentines Day

Something about the month of February seems to make people want to run, skip, and fall in love. But the people who were already there and stay for the long haul know that it takes a bit more than Cupid’s arrow and a box of chocolates to stay in love.