15 Oct 2016

Powell named Alumna of the Year

Beverly Volkman Powell, Texas Wesleyan’s 2016 Alumna of the Year, said she hopes to continue to have a strong impact in the growth of the university community. Powell, who received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Texas Wesleyan in 1992 and her MBA in 1999, has served the Texas Wesleyan

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13 Oct 2016

Schultes: from Wesleyan to Stage West

Texas Wesleyan University alumni Dana Schultes hopes to capture and broaden the theater experience for all Stage West Theatre patrons. In late January, Schultes was named executive producer and given the opportunity to make West into a highly-respect theater in the Fort Worth area. “It was never really a goal

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22 Sep 2016

Rodriguez focuses on outreach

Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez wants to reach out – to other universities, to high school students, even to middle schoolers. Rodriguez, who was named the new dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences in April, says his main goal is to bring more students to Wesleyan. He plans to

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26 Aug 2016

Nerd Central catches new members at Pokémon Go event

Jacob Chesney swung his arms in the air, a grin on his face after claiming Willie the Ram for Team Instinct. The Ram statue on the Texas Wesleyan campus serves as a Pokémon “gym” on the new Pokémon Go app that launched on iPhone and Android devices July 6. Chesney

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19 Aug 2016

Continuing to remember Kate Wiant

According to Library Services and Assessment Manager Sheri Parker, Wiant was very artistic. “She hand drew an adult coloring book that we passed out at the President’s Picnic last year,” Parker said. “It was very intricate and detailed. She was really good.” Follow the links below to download and print pages of

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