29 Jan 2016

Fersing, four others to be honored

Jan Fersing never attended Texas Wesleyan, but he’s supported the university for more than a decade. Fersing, a Vermont native, is an Ivy Leaguer but has lived in Fort Worth for decades. His passion for helping Wesleyan athletes is shown in attendance at athletic events and a scholarship devoted to

13 Nov 2015

Veteran puts his spin on tornadoes

The clouds turned gray, creating a blanket of darkness in the sky. The wind began to swirl, picking up little bits of dust and debris and lightning lit up the sky like the beginning of a Friday night football game in a small Texas town. It began to drizzle and

13 Nov 2015

Senioritis spreads across campus

Crystal Hinshaw, a criminal justice major, is one of the hundreds of seniors graduating from Texas Wesleyan this semester. She is also one of many students suffering from senioritis, which urbandictionary.com defines as a disease that has such symptoms as “laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts,

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09 Nov 2015

Dmitri Nelson fights for transgender issues

Dmitri Nelson cut a strip from a roll of white duct tape with little curvy cartoon mustaches on it. Carefully sticking the tape on his lips, he prepared for the long day ahead of him. He glanced in the mirror and admired his handiwork. Even though his green and blue

15 May 2015

Rucker lives to ride and dive

Bill Rucker still holds on tight to his enjoyment of scuba diving and motorcycles, more than a decade after a bike accident in the Rocky Mountains cost him his left leg. Rucker, adjunct professor of exercise & sports studies, compares his experience in the water with how he believes birds feel