10 Apr 2019

Sports Cast with Elena Maldonado

Stories include: Jacob Mehta (Baseball) Jacob Williams (Esports)

09 Apr 2019

Cook speaks at Willson Lectureship at Lou’s Place

Dr. William Cook, author of “Two and a Half Men Named Francis; The Saint, the Pope, and me,” discussed the life of Saint Francis and how we should input those principles into our daily lives on Monday. Cook spoke at the annual Willson Lectureship, which was hosted in Lou’s Place

05 Apr 2019

Geek Week brings students out to Stella

Senior mass communication major Akeel Johnson is an RA who hosted this year’s Geek Week for a second time in hopes of the event being carried on through generations. Alanna James is an RA senior history major who was co-hosting the nights along with Johnson during the week in the

04 Apr 2019

SGA partners with GSA on identity painting event

Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association passed the GSA Identity Painting Event Bill at Thursday’s general business meeting. The bill was presented by SGA Secretary Alison Baron and allocates $200 for the purchase of art materials and snacks for the Gay Straight Alliance’s event. “The idea behind this is GSA and

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02 Apr 2019

TAG Day honors donors with reminders of their generosity

Thanking All Givers Day, or TAG Day, is an annual event at Texas Wesleyan University sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations.  The purpose of the event, which this year was held Tuesday, is to thank Wesleyan donors for their contributions to the campus, according to Alumni Relations Coordinator Branigan Contreras. More than 100 gold tags are placed