29 Oct 2016

Halloween decorating for dummies

Whether you are into gruesome ghouls, fairy tales, or a little cosplay, it is the time of year to let your imagination run wild. The holidays are upon us and one of my favorites, Halloween, is near.  Driving down the streets, I have begun to notice many people have lost

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28 Oct 2016

Stellaween scares Wesleyan students

Texas Wesleyan’s Student Life hosted Stellaween at Stella Russell Hall on Thursday. The free annual event transforms Stella Russell’s halls and bathrooms into a three-story haunted house that includes characters from scary movies like Carrie and Scream, clowns, zombies, and people pretending to be corpses. Freshman business major Brooks Wallace

27 Oct 2016

School spirits?

The mid-September afternoon dragged on like any other in the sea of beige known as the Rambler Media Group offices. The skeleton staff squinted at their computer screens as the methodical tic-tic-tic of typing fingers filled the air like a familiar lullaby. Suddenly, the sharp three-toned ring of the office

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26 Oct 2016

Security shares safety tips for Halloween

Texas Wesleyan has already started celebrating Halloween, and the university’s security personnel are ready to handle anything the celebrations of all things spooky and ghostly may bring. Chris Beckrich, Wesleyan’s director of security, said security will be the university’s top priority as students celebrate in dorms, such as Stellaween, and

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30 Oct 2013

Rambler TV’s 2013 Halloween Newscast

Boo! Welcome to the Rambler TV’s Newscast. In this Episode the Rambler TV Staff cover Texas Wesleyan’s Midnight Madness. Also the group has stories on the new Men’s Choir, The Greatest Speech of All Time, The Rosedale Renaissance, a story about the poor condition of the sidewalks, and A Day