19 Nov 2018

jazz concert brings pizzazz

Texas Wesleyan Department of Music presented a night of jazz on Thursday at Nicholas Martin Hall. The jazz ensemble consisted of a variety of instrumentalists and a vocalist, accompanied by two guest professionals. Daniel Porter, guest pianist, and Joseph Carpenter, guest percussionist, accompanied Wesleyan students Kristen Carlini, vocalist; Evan Piland

16 Nov 2018

Texas Pottery and Sculpture Guild brings “Meraki” show to Wesleyan

Texas Wesleyan’s Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio hosts the pottery show “Meraki,” which is Greek for ‘soul, creativity, or love.’ The show is from a group of artists called Texas Pottery and Sculpture Guild and it began on Nov. 3 and will run through Dec. 7, according to txwes.edu. According to

13 Nov 2018

Wesleyan staff win big at State Fair

Texas Wesleyan faculty and staff had award-winning food items displayed at the State Fair of Texas this year. They submitted their entries during the pre-fair competition. The State Fair started Sept. 28 and concluded Oct. 21. Hannah Owsley, administrative assistant for the Office of the Provost, entered her spicy sweet

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01 Nov 2018

Theatre Wesleyan captures ‘The Hostage’

Theatre Wesleyan will be showcasing students’ talent with Brendan Behan’s “The Hostage” from Nov. 1 to Nov. 11 at the Thad Smotherman Theatre. Mariah Dawn Kuhn, a senior theatre major, will be playing the role of Teresa. “‘The Hostage’ is about a brothel in Ireland that a British soldier is

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15 Oct 2018

Cardona comes to Wesleyan with ‘Southern Gothic’ exhibit

Artist Sara Cardona exhibited her art collection “Southern Gothic” on Saturday at the Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio. Her exhibit résumé found at txwes.edu states that she is a PhD candidate in Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas. “Southern Gothic” runs from Oct. 1 through Oct. 25. Over the

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