14 Feb 2016

Symposium looks at the past

The 2016 edition of the Faye C. Goostree Women’s Symposium is taking a look at Texas Wesleyan’s past. Dr. Brenda Taylor Matthews, the Pate Professor of History and chair of the Social Science Department, and Dr. Elizabeth Alexander, the A.M. Pate Professor of Early American History, will describe what the

04 Dec 2015

The evolution of Texas Wesleyan University’s mascot

Texas Wesleyan University is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary this year. Throughout the university’s 125 years there’s no doubt that drastic changes have been made. There have been official name changes, building changes, several renovations, and even changes to our very own mascot. 1890 Today, most people know our mascot to be

03 Dec 2015

Social Justice Club hopes to unite the community

Have you ever thought of becoming a real superhero? There is a new club on campus whose members call themselves the Social Justice League in honor of the comic-book heroes – even though their real name is the Social Justice Club. The club, which began this semester, was officially recognized

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01 Dec 2015

The three gifts every student should know

The Gift of Altruism There are countless experiences throughout our lives when we witness altruistic acts; handing quarters or food to a homeless person, paying for someone’s groceries, sending a card to the grieving or forgotten. It is in our nature as humans to feel empathy and compassion for others