13 Nov 2016

Wesleyan partners with Dunbar

Texas Wesleyan University has partnered with Dunbar High School to allow its student to take college credit classes. This new partnership, which began this fall and currently has students taking college credit classes at Dunbar. If not the first, then one of only two programs in the United States where

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20 Apr 2016

Students tap into Common Ground

Common Ground Grill & Tap is a great, up-and-coming local bar and grill with a creative menu, a spacious bar area and amazing service. The greatest compliment that can be paid to this establishment, which opened last October, is that it is a very welcoming restaurant and neighborhood bar. The

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11 Mar 2016

Older students are on the rise

For Ashley Pickett, a 28-year-old senior psychology major, graduating high school was her chance to be free. “I had no curfew, no rules, no adults telling me what to do. It was glorious,” Pickett said. Pickett first attended college after graduating high school as a junior in 2005. She attended Blinn

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29 Feb 2016

Try these taco spots close to campus

Looking for something to spice up lunch or dinner? Good Mexican food can be hard to find here in Fort Worth and even harder to find around Texas Wesleyan. If you’re tired of the mass-produced tortillas and refried beans that flood the market,  you’ll be happy to know we’ve found

14 Feb 2016

Symposium looks at the past

The 2016 edition of the Faye C. Goostree Women’s Symposium is taking a look at Texas Wesleyan’s past. Dr. Brenda Taylor Matthews, the Pate Professor of History and chair of the Social Science Department, and Dr. Elizabeth Alexander, the A.M. Pate Professor of Early American History, will describe what the